Welcome to The Journey Bible Study!

We’re so glad you could join us!  The first Bible Study Series is called the “Journey with God” Bible Study Series (This series has red covers.) This series includes 3 distinct units, which may be studied chronologically or can each stand alone as a separate study.

Part 1 of the series is entitled, “Discovering the Father’s Heart.” This is a foundational study, guiding you into a greater security in God’s passionate commitment to you.

Part 2 of the series is entitled, “Trusting in the Father’s Heart.”  This study introduces an emphasis on recognizing the faulty thinking patterns we develop, the subtle ways the enemy has been working against you, and God’s truth about freedom and wholeness.

Part 3 of the series is entitled, “Resting in the Father’s Heart.”  This shorter, six-week study focuses on learning to live in a continual awareness of the Holy Spirit’s influence, guidance, and power.  Each of these distinct units include a free download of the first chapter of the workbook, so that you can get started on your Journey while you wait for your workbook to arrive.

The second Bible study series is called the Journey with Jesus Bible Study Series.  (This series has green covers.)  This study closely observes the way Jesus interacted with others in His three years of ministry, and will provide a rich opportunity for today’s disciple to become more fully devoted to God as they learn to live in the resurrection power of Christ’s life in them.

You may purchase your workbook through the “Book Store” tab on this page, and as always, the Journey messages will be available here – completely free – in MP3 format.  This is also an interactive forum, where you are encouraged to post comments, thoughts, and questions to share with those on this journey with you.  You can also find the workbooks, MP3 messages,  outlines, and CDs for previous studies through the “Book Store” tab.

If you would like to contact Tammy Feil, she would love to hear from you! Just click on the “Contact Us” tab above to send us her an email.   So what are you waiting for?  Let’s begin our journey!

6 Responses to Welcome to The Journey Bible Study!

  1. Christie Kemmerlin says:

    I am looking forward to this Journey! Would like to participate online.

  2. Loni Keane says:

    Thank you Tammy, foryour invitation, I would love to be included!

  3. Terry Feil says:

    You ROCK, Beaud! I love you and I am so proud of you!

  4. Nancy Bone says:

    Hello Tammy, hope u r doing wonderful. I would love to do this study. I see 2011-2012study. Is there a 2012-2013 study? I am now living in Ky since last April. This is my husbands home town. We take care of his parents and wanted to bring them back to be near family. I miss SC very much but I know we r in the Lords will. That in itself is worth everything Look forward to hearing from u.
    PS. R u still running?

    • Tammy Feil says:

      Nancy– so good to hear from you! Yes,there is a 2012-2013 study: “Journey with Jesus”. We worked through Part 1 “At the Teacher’s Feet” this fall and are launching Part 2 “By the Master’s Side” on January 24th. You can purchase the workbook through the “bookstore” tab and each week’s message is uploaded to this site in MP3 format. You can also purchase CDs of the previous studies if you prefer those. I know that you are squarely in God’s will and that is what matters. No running right now, I’ve had surgery. But I am hoping to run the Flowertown 5K in March, Lord-willing, with my son, Ben. 🙂 Slowly, I’m sure, and you’d pass me yet again this year! 🙂 Much love, dear Nancy!!

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